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COVID-19 updates & remote learning resources

Message from the Headteacher


I am conscious that considerable communications are being sent to members of our community at the moment, so we have created a single point on our website, which links to all of the information sent to date about Covid-19, and remote learning arrangements and resources for pupils, parents and carers.  We hope that you find all of the links on this page helpful and we will continue to add to these.  

This is an extraordinary time for the school, indeed the first time in our history that we have closed our doors.

I have no doubt that the school's closure will feel surreal to pupils, to parents and to staff but the most important thing is to look after people within our community. 


At the moment it is not clear how long these arrangements will need to continue but I know that all of us will require resilience to get through it.

Without minimising the gravity of the situation that faces our nation, we firmly believe that GUST is not just a building, we are a community, of students, of parents, of carers and staff.  Every single member of this GUST family now has a role to play in maintaining our sense of community, and the strength that we achieve from our solidarity.  

Please note that the most up to date guidance on the virus and the Government's social distancing advice can be found at Public Health England and NHS England.

With best wishes


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