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Exploring Islam: A Reflective Journey at Newcastle Central Mosque

Updated: Mar 24

On Monday, the primary/nurture students of GUST Independent School had the opportunity to visit the Newcastle Central Mosque and learn about the Muslim way of life. The students were warmly greeted by Brother Khadim, who is an active member of the mosque and a knowledgeable guide.

During the visit, Brother Khadim provided the students with an overview of the basics of Islamic faith and practice. He talked about the importance of prayer in Muslim life, and the students had the opportunity to practice the process of praying. This was a valuable experience for the students, as it allowed them to gain a better understanding of the religious practices of their Muslim peers.

Brother Khadim also spoke about the new mosque that is currently being built in Newcastle. He discussed the importance of the mosque as a place of worship and community gathering, and the students were excited to learn about the plans for the new building.

In addition to discussing prayer and the new mosque, Brother Khadim also spoke about religious dress and the significance of visiting Mecca. The students were fascinated to learn about the different types of religious dress worn by Muslim men and women, and the importance of modesty in Islamic faith. Brother Khadim also discussed the significance of Mecca, and the students were amazed to learn about the annual pilgrimage that takes place there.

Finally, Brother Khadim shared pictures and information about beautiful mosques from around the world. The students were impressed by the intricate designs and stunning architecture of these buildings, and they gained a greater appreciation for their importance.

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