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Fallodon Hall and Estate

Updated: May 18, 2022

We have been incredibly lucky to spend the day with the wonderful Penny and Lucia at Fallodon Hall and Estate. Thanks to the Countryside Trust we have been allowed to visit this special place and learn about what goes on there. We went on a tour of the estate and our first stop was the wheat fields. We learned all about the wheat they produce and the different products that can be made from wheat and barley. We even had a go at milling some wheat into flour. We had a go in the tractor and tried to move a heavy load using horse (child) power. We all agreed the tractor would be easier to use. We then got to learn about how bees make honey and had a go at being bees ourselves. The best part came when we got to taste the honey, everyone loved that bit! After lunch we had a walk around the gardens at Fallodon Hall itself. The gardens were beautiful. We met and fed the sheep who had recently had lambs. They were very talkative, thankfully some of our learners were able to speak sheep which was a surprise. After a tour of the fruit trees we had a chance to make some wild seed bombs which we will take back to forest school next week. Sadly our visit had to come to an end but we just had time to stop off and collect some freshly laid eggs. We have had the most amazing day and can't thank Penny and Lucia enough for their time, energy and effort. Hopefully we will see them again soon.

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