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Little Farmers in the Making: Primary/Nurture Group Visits West Hills Farm

Last week, the Primary/Nurture group of GUST Independent School visited West Hills Farm in Rothbury for an educational and fun-filled day out. The farm visit was a perfect opportunity for our students to interact with nature, learn about farming practices, and experience the joy of being outdoors.

The itinerary for the day was well-structured to ensure that the children enjoyed every moment of the farm visit. On arrival, the students were given a warm welcome and a health and safety briefing from Farmer Rachel and Penny from the Country Trust before setting off on their adventure.

The first stop was a walk up the hill to see the merino sheep and their adorable lambs. The children learned about what the wool is used for, what the animals eat, and how Farmer Rachel looks after the animals. They were also able to take in the breathtaking views and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Next, the group headed back down to the farm to look at the pet lambs and take a hand wash break. Lunch was served at noon, providing a welcome refuel for our students.

After lunch, the children had the exciting opportunity to watch a cow being milked. They were also able to try different types of milk, including red, blue, green, and gold top, as part of a milk taste test. The students then got to work in teams, making butter from the milk and trying it out on some freshly baked bread.

The day continued with a lesson on seeds. The children were challenged to guess which seeds would grow into which vegetables and then planted their own seeds in individual pots to take back to school. It was a great hands-on experience, giving them the chance to learn about plant growth and care.

Before departing, the students said goodbye to our new friend, Enid the cat, and the cute chicks. The farm visit to West Hills Farm was a huge success, providing the students with an engaging and enjoyable educational experience.

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