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On Friday 12th November we learned about Remembrance Sunday and it's importance. We made our own wreath of poppies to remember those who died in service to our country. On Monday 15th November we took our wreath to the Cenotaph in Morpeth to see the wreaths that others had left on Sunday during the parade, and to pay our respects. We discussed what the Cenotaph represented and that every village or town who lost soldiers in the World Wars has a Cenotaph to commemorate their own losses. We learned about the 'Thankful Villages' where there is no Cenotaph because no lives were lost - there are only 51 Thankful Villages in the whole of the UK. The students noticed there were lots of people with the same surname on the Cenotaph in Morpeth and realised that sometimes families lost more than one person in the same war. It was very humbling.

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