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This week GUST welcomed some new classmates. On our trip to Morpeth we rescued some of the tadpoles which were about to be evicted from the paddling pool for it's summer clean. We caught the tadpoles using nets and brought them back to school rehoming them into a lovely tank. Then our scientific enquiry began. The children had lots of questions; how long will they take to turn into frogs, how far along the life cycle are they, what will happen next, what do they eat, what will we do with them when they are too big? Some of the children noticed that one of the tadpoles was under attack - it turned out we had also brought back dragonfly larvae who eat tadpoles! We identified any potential predators and thankfully all of the larvae have been relocated. We collected leaves and grass to make sure the tadpoles had enough food to eat over the weekend and we will continue to monitor them and update you as they grow. Watch this space!

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