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Walk on the Wild Side & Poo Detectives at Mindrum Farm

As part of our 'Countryside Classroom' topic this term, we took a trip to Mindrum Farm to visit Farmer Tom and Sue from The Country Trust. We had a fantastic day exploring the estate. We really did walk on the wild side tramping our way through fields, woodland and rivers. Farmer Tom showed us all the different kinds of animal poo on the farm and explained how it helps the soil and the millions of organisms that live within it. We went 'pond dipping' and used microscopes to examine our samples. We couldn't believe how many living things we found. Finally we met all of his gorgeous animals and had a go at holding a snake, gecko, ferrets, and quails. We spoke to the turkeys, donkey, cows and pygmy goats. It was such a fantastic adventure and learning opportunity for us all.

Thanks Tom and Sue for such a special day.

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