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What an adventure at Earsdon Moor Farm

We were so lucky today to be invited by Paul to have a tour of his sheep farm. Paul took us in to meet one of his newest lambs and gave us the difficult choice of choosing a name for her. It was a big responsibility and we took our time to think about it as we walked around the farm. We became a bit distracted as we helped Paul shepherd the sheep into an enclosure so that we could help him carry out the worming. Luckily we had the help of Blaze the Sheep dog. He was amazing. The children then had the task of getting the sheep into the run so that they could administer the worm medication (under Paul's watchful eye). They had to make sure to mark each sheep with spray paint so that Paul would know who had been treated. Finally once our job was completed we walked back down to the farmhouse and named the lamb Molly. Hopefully we can come back and visit Molly and Paul soon. Huge thanks to Paul for the fantastic day out, we definitely won't forget it!

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