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Inspired Art

This term we have been studying the work of our featured artist Mike Barrett. We watched videos of Mike explaining what inspires him and what artistic processes he uses to bring his creations to life. He particularly likes working with faces and layering different materials, textures and paints to create a high energy effect. We used one of Mike's creations to inspire our own artwork to celebrate the coronation of King Charles. You might recognise the silhouette on some of the outstanding pieces below!

After half term we came back to school to a wonderful surprise. We had sent some photographs of our work to Mike and he had written us a lovely email saying how brilliant our work was:

"I love how you have all adapted the workshop and made it your own. Fabulous images. I think it's great that you based it around our new King. Wonderful stuff. I am so pleased that you all had fun creating these images and that I have inspired you all. Keep creating and exploring texture, colour and form. There is so much to discover" - Mike Barrett

What fantastic inspiration to keep up our good work!