North Sea Link Energy Education Centre

Some of us have been learning about sustainable energy as part of geography this term. We have been learning about the harm caused by using fossil fuels and what the alternatives are in terms of reusable energy. Throughout the topic we were amazed (and a bit disappointed) by how much the UK still depends on fossil fuels when many other countries are managing to reduce their use.

In order to discover what we are doing as a country to move away from fossil fuels we visited the North Sea Link Energy Education Centre. It was really interesting to discover that a huge cable runs between Blyth and Norway to allow us to produce electricity by wind and share it with Norway. They then produce energy by hydropower and share it with Blyth where it is converted in the huge buildings (that we got to explore using VR headsets) before being sent to the national grid.

We got to produce our own electricity using body power and used infra red cameras to discover where the most heat is lost from a building to help us be more energy conscious.

Thank you so much to Sharon for letting us visit and for sharing all her knowledge with us (and for the goodie bags at the end which were much appreciated)!