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Purifying H2O: Students Get Hands-On with Water Filtration

At Forest school today, our Nurture classes had the opportunity to participate in a water purification activity at Ashington Community Woods. This was a hands-on lesson that allowed our students to understand the importance of clean water and how to purify it from natural sources.
We learned about the process of purifying water using a simple plastic bottle filtration system. Each student was given a plastic bottle and we added layers of moss, twigs, leaves, and stones to create a filter. We then took a trip to a nearby pond and filled our bottles with water. Using the filters we had created, we carefully poured the water from our bottles and collected the purified water in a clean container.
The results were impressive! The water was clear and looked much better than it did before it was purified. Our students were excited to see the transformation.
After the activity, we discussed the steps of the water purification process and the importance of clean water. Our students were able to demonstrate an understanding of the material and were able to explain the process to their classmates.
Overall, this was a fantastic learning experience for our students. Not only did they have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on activity, but they also gained a greater understanding of the importance of clean water and how to purify it.